Anyone interested in an informative tour of any or all of the facilities is welcome to contact to arrange a time for a walk-through and discussion of how we can assist your research. If you are coordinating a group tour, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All tours should be arranged through the IIGB administrative staff who will ensure that the tours are well organized and coordinated. Please do not contact individual core managers separately to arrange tours, especially to tour more than one core. Indicate the size of your group as well as the level of scientific expertise (students, non-scientists, scientists) when making your request. In this way, tours can be targeted to the audience’s level of interest and understanding.
  • We recommend groups five or less with the exception of student groups. The Microscopy rooms, in particular, are small and it is difficult to view images and presentations in larger numbers.
  • For larger groups of students we cab arrange for multiple tours.
  • In order to ensure the appropriate personnel are available to conduct the tours, please provide at least one week’s advance notice, if possible.

Access and Hours

Keen Hall’s instrumentation facilities are available during the day (8am-5pm) to campus researchers and students.  Authorized researchers can obtain 24/7 access to our facilities. If you are a UCR researcher and would like after-hour access, please download and complete the IIGB Genomic Building and Noel Keen Hall Fob Authorization Form, obtain the necessary approvals, and return to Genomics, Room 1206. You will be issued a security fob.