Multi-Omics Core Facility Services

The IIGB core facilities are housed in Noel Keen Hall and aim to provide multi-omics services to researchers at UCR and colleagues at other institutions. In order to facilitate multi-omics research, we have established Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Microscopy and Bioinformatics core facilities on campus. The research laboratories of the Institute for Integrative Genome Biology (IIGB) at the UCR are housed in $53.8 million, 64,000 ft2 interdisciplinary, four-story Genomics Building that can accommodate 200 faculty members, graduate students, postdoctoral and staff researchers. The overall Director of IIGB is Dr. Katie Dehesh. The building unites bioinformaticians and life scientists who use modern genetics, genomics, chemical biology, and bioinformatics to address basic and applied questions in medicine, plant, insect, and fungal sciences. The labs and student/researcher office spaces are open to stimulate interaction between different research groups, and the 100-seat auditorium hosts symposiums and training in genomics-related research.


Adjacent to the Genomics Building is a modern 10,000 ft2 instrumentation facility (Keen Hall) that offers expertise and instrumentation in microscopy/imaging, proteomics and genomics. Use the pull down menus above to navigate to each Core Facilities.

All facilities utilize a custom on line password protected customer instrument reservation and automated billing site. Programmable customer-specific electronic locks permit UCR researchers 24/7 access to all IIGB research instrumentation, enhancing productivity and security.


All core facilities offer free training in areas including real time PCR, confocal microscopy, Illumina sample preparation, data analysis utilizing R-based Bioconductor tools and Galaxy, and proteomics/metabolomics sample preparation, among others. We also organize laboratory and lecture workshops on selected topics and provide commonly used reagents such as qPCR mixes at discounted prices to foster research.